About our Float Tank

When owner James Ramsey opened a float tank business in Chesapeake, Virginia he was impressed with the relaxation and health benefits of floating. He quickly became disillusioned, however with the safety and quality of the tanks he was using – and more than a little frustrated that the float tanks were being mass manufactured overseas with seemingly little care. Ramsey reached out to engineers and designers at Old Dominion University to design a superior product here in the USA. Other manufacturers have seams that foster mold growth so Ramsey sought to create a seamless float pod that fit together through better design and manufacturing. US Float tanks use no vinyl seaming or caulking, our tanks will not mold. We’ve also taken care to install a state of the art drainage system that ensures your client’s floats will be healthful in every way while keeping your maintenance costs down.


We know that as your business grows, you may want to add additional services and luxury options to your client’s floating experience. US Float Tanks are designed to be expandable without requiring major renovations. Our two piece design gives you all the flexibility you want.

Thoughtful. Sleek. Modern. Crafted to last. Take advantage of a limited number of pre-order float tank currently available.

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