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Who really owns the records about your dental treatment by dental clinic?  Although certain entities such as insurance companies and your current dentist may have access to your dental records, you actually own the records about your dental condition.

In fact, dentists who are covered by the HIPAA privacy rule must provide their patients with a copy of their dental records.  In addition, certain state laws exists that require dentist to allow their patients access to their records and allow those records to be transferred to the patient’s new treating dentist.

The days when people who wanted straighter teeth had to endure the agony and embarrassment of metal braces that trapped food particles (and made eating some food all but impossible) and caused smiles resemble the chrome grille of a car are log gone. Today, invisible patients allow even those adults in high-profile careers to effectively and discreetly straighten their teeth.

If you’ve always envied people whose teeth are nice and straight, envy no longer! You can join that group of beautiful people with gorgeous, straight-teeth smiles far more easily than you might imagine.

So call your cosmetic dentist today and schedule a consultation for invisible braces. You can have straight teeth in a matter of a few months, without suffering the problems that metal braces bring, probably fir much less money than you expect, we well!

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