Chinese Dog Breeds List

Chinese New Year, which happens on January 23rd, 2012, will check the start of the Year of the Dragon. The Chinese use creatures to speak to every one of their zodiac signs: the bull, tiger, rabbit, winged serpent, wind, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, pig, rat…and dog. While we won’t praise the Year of the Dog again until 2018 (I would know for my creature sign is the dog), I figured it would even now be a smart thought to commit the current week’s “Great Dog” article to dogs of Chinese root.

The Chinese trust that dogs bring great “yang” vitality into our homes. They make brilliant, positive, dynamic vitality and furnish us with solace and security. Dogs even impact Chinese folklore and speak to some essential images of favorable luck and security.

There are no less than twelve dog types of Chinese plummet – these breeds include:

• Bone-mouth Shar Pei

• Chinese Chongqing Dog

• Chinese Crested Dog

• Chinese Imperial Dog

• Chow

• Formosan Mountain Dog

• Kunming Wolfdog

• Pekingese

• Pug

• Shar Pei

• Shih Tzu

• Xiasi Dog

While I would love to really expound on all of these exceptional breeds, I have featured the three most prevalent ones dependent on our clients’ conclusions. So here it is – the most broadly claimed Chinese dog breeds are: the Shih Tzu, Pug, and Chinese Crested (Sorry Chow Chow…better karma one year from now).

Shih Tzu – The Little Lion Dog

Did you realize that the normal Shih Tzu is under 12 inches tall and range from 8 to 16 lbs.? Try not to give their little stature a chance to trick you however. The Shih Tzu (which signifies “Lion Dog”) is believed to be a relative of the wolf – explicitly, an old Chinese wolf known as the Senji, which had drop ears, a short gag, and huge, dim eyes.

The shades of a Shih Tzu’s jacket can differ uncontrollably. Many are strong and have coats that are dark, white, darker, liver, and blue. Others can be highly contrasting, liver and white, silver and white, mottle and white, and dark and gold. Their jackets develop rapidly and can be either long or short.

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