Conveyancing Solicitors – What to Look For

Costs are down

The good news is that online competition has brought the cost of conveyancing solicitors down dramatically in recent years.

Five or ten years ago it was not unusual for conveyancing costs to be £1,500 or more.  Today it’s possible to get both the buying and selling parts of your transaction completed for a fraction of that.

The internet means that you can now compare conveyancing solicitors online with the click of a mouse.  You no longer have to rely on your local high street solicitor regardless of how much they charge.

But beware

But beware – even online conveyancing quotes can vary significantly, with some firms charging more than twice as much as others for identical transactions.

In other words, even searching online won’t help you save money if you get your quotes from the wrong place!

We’ve done the work for you

That’s where we come in.  We’ve done the research for you.  Previously we worked with a panel of several different firms of conveyancing solicitors, but now we’ve cut that down to just one!

The reason is simple.  We want to provide our customers with great service and we know that our recommendations reflect directly on us.  Therefore, we only recommend the best.



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