Fashion designing courses in delhi

Fashion designing courses in delhi can be the same reliable as formal fashion schools, college, or universities as it generally opens some opportunities to have jobs such as fashion designer, product manager, pattern maker, textile designer, forecaster, knitwear designer, knitwear merchandising, knitwear accessory designer, store manager, fashion marketing, beauty industry developer, and many more.


Free Online Fashion Design Schools List :
Below is a list of some free and classy online fashion design schools.

Fashion and popular culture at Korea University
Within this online school, the students will be provided 13 lessons of fashion design in which each lesson consists of downloadable lecture notes. The other courses covered in this field are also including fashion history, popular culture, media and cultural influences on fashion, top designers in the field and postmodernism in fashion.

This OpenCourseWare is mainly aimed for students with prior knowledge of costume design and theatrical fashion design. Then the students will likely take some learning topic such as costume construction, psychology of clothing, character analysis in plays and elements of theatrical fashion design. Thus, the materials provided also include plays and scripts.

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