Folding Clotheslines

Folding clothesline are often the best option for limited space since they come equipped with plenty of space to hang all your clothes and fold flat against the wall when not being used. The most popular models are those that attach to an

How to install wall hung folding clothesline

outer or inner wall and offer ample room for hanging as many as nine clothes at one time. Folding clothesline also attach directly to an inner or outer wall and are ideal for any room of your home-garage, cellar, closet, laundry room, or deck. Most models also come with a convenient storage rack on one side that allows you to store the line while still allowing you to maneuver the rack.

A clothesline is a simple way to keep your clothes out of the weather without having to worry about the burden of a bulky hanging unit. They are often available in two styles; hangers on the front and folding clothesline models that slide under the bed and can be hung on the wall. You can find models made from durable plastic, but you can also purchase ones with stainless steel and brass hardware. Depending on the model, you can either purchase them pre-assembled or have them professionally installed if desired. Most units fold down flat, so that they won’t be noticeable when folded up, which is good news for apartment dwellers who want the least amount of extra clutter in their closets. When shopping for a folding clothesline, look for one with a large diameter so that it can handle a wide variety of clothes. If you decide on the latter, make sure that the fabric is easy to clean and machine washable.

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