LED lamps for indoor growing

But let’s move on to a practical example of possible energy savings!
Suppose we need to light up a cultivation area of ​​approximately 1 square meter:

by opting for MH, HPS or AGRO lamps, consider buying a 400W kit;
choosing low-consumption CFL lamps you will need a kit of at least 300W and also something more;
while using LED lamps you will only need a 280W kit.
Very well, now that you understand that LED technology (except for special requirements on lighting technologies to be adopted) is the one that suits you best to save and reduce the energy consumption of your grow box, you need to find the most suitable LED product and cheaper with the same characteristics.


It is at this moment that you have to decide whether to buy a new lighting kit or look for a second-hand lighting kit, this second option is really to be seriously evaluated if your budget is very low or you are approaching the world for the first time indoor growing in a grow box. In fact, more and more ‘grower’ enthusiasts who decide to sell their used components, very often well kept, to switch to different lighting systems. The used market is flourishing in this sector and it is possible to find excellent opportunities, but only by starting to attend the various forums and communities dedicated to indoor cultivation.

More info: https://growledlamp.it

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