Looking for a rehab center in switzerland?

You should take the first to be able to live life free from alcohol and drugs and that is to have an addiction treatment. Here at rehab center in Switzerland, we honestly know that asking for help is quite hard for someone especially those with severe addiction. Quite often, those people needing addiction treatment have no clue where to turn. We understand the many factors involved in drug addiction and create an addiction treatment plan personalized to your personal needs. By way of comprehensive evaluations, therapy methods and other treatment strategies, we are sure to help you achieve sobriety and maintain it for a long time.


The Process

To begin with, an assessment is needed to be done so our counselors and physicians can really determine your drug usage, medical history and specific needs before gaining access to a detox program. Detoxification is quite often needed to be able to remove all drug or alcoholic substances from the body. The detox process could last up to a week. If the probability of withdrawal symptoms causes you to become nervous, allow us to assure you that medical intervention is at all times available to help you. At our best rehab center in switzerland, you will always be in a secure and protected environment, surrounded by a trained medical staff.

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