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Everybody wants to enjoy the warmth of their cozy homes during cold climates. This warmth can be achieved by a proper working HVAC system. But if you are still experiencing the uncomfortable environment, even in the presence of HVAC system, then there might be some issues with your HVAC system and here are some tips to avoid them;

Improper air flow

• You may experience that some of the house rooms are cooler than the others. It might be because the heated air is not equally distributed and one of the rooms is receiving more air flow.

• The causes might be a clogged, obstructed or dirty duct and the problems with the air filters.

The Pipes might be frozen due to extreme cold

• The extreme cold conditions lead to freezing and the bursting of the pipes.

Increased heat loss

• The freezing cold weather also offers great problems to heat pump when the temperature outside is quite low. You cannot attain the desired temperature set on the thermostat because of the problems with compressor, leakage in the duct and pilot light. Check all the possible causes and fix them.

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