Martial Arts Bloomington IL

I welcome you to a very unique style of Martial Arts Training. You have chosen a way to enhance your overall well being and have become one of many that are realizing the benefits that a good Martial Arts School can offer you.

We at Martial Arts Bloomington IL take our training very seriously because we see it as a way of life. We only hope that this same enthusiasm can be passed on to you as you begin to study and learn “A Way of Life.”

It must be understood that Martial Arts is not only a physical thing; you must understand that Martial arts training must be a balance of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

MIND:  This is where you store the many things that are taught to you over the years of training.  The mind is a terrible thing to waste, so we must train it with care.

BODY:  This is the physical part of training; the punching, blocking, kicking, throwing, and pressure points.  If you will notice, the mind was the first thing listed because it must be trained first, since the brain controls the body.

SPIRIT:  This is the inner-self where we train the Martial Arts student to have morals, discipline, respect for self and others, and understanding of the legal aspect of our training.

Many years of study under the guidance of great instructors, a strong degree of truth, knowledge, and wisdom, have enabled me to properly lead a student in Martial Arts study.  It has cost me a great deal of time, pain, and money to get to where I am today.  Even though my rates are very reasonable, it still seems somewhat hard for some to afford.  Don’t let the dollar figure stand in the way of your progress.

The training in the Martial Arts is an investment; its an investment into your life.  It’s peace of Mind, training for the Body, and a Way of life.  If you have any questions on prices, please check out the class schedules and prices page.

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