About our Float Tank

When owner James Ramsey opened a float tank business in Chesapeake, Virginia he was impressed with the relaxation and health benefits of floating. He quickly became disillusioned, however with the safety and quality of the tanks he was using – and more than a little frustrated that the float tanks were being mass manufactured overseas with seemingly little care. Ramsey reached out to engineers and designers at Old Dominion University to design a superior product here in the USA. Other manufacturers have seams that foster mold growth so Ramsey sought to create a seamless float pod that fit together through better design and manufacturing. US Float tanks use no vinyl seaming or caulking, our tanks will not mold. We’ve also taken care to install a state of the art drainage system that ensures your client’s floats will be healthful in every way while keeping your maintenance costs down.


We know that as your business grows, you may want to add additional services and luxury options to your client’s floating experience. US Float Tanks are designed to be expandable without requiring major renovations. Our two piece design gives you all the flexibility you want.

Thoughtful. Sleek. Modern. Crafted to last. Take advantage of a limited number of pre-order float tank currently available.

Best Roofing Mooresville NC

If you’re looking for reliable, professional and affordable Best Roofing Mooresville NC contractors near you, look no further than Mooresville Roofing. We are your number one source for affordable roofing. We are a locally owned and operated business located in the heart of Mooresville. We take great pride in offering the best affordable roofing in Mooresville . Our team of roofing contractors is proud to offer our services to the customers in Mooresville and surrounding areas. We are Mooresville roofing contractors that offer roof repair and roofing services. Once you choose our business for your roofing services you can rest assured that our team of professionals use only the highest quality roofing materials to weather proof and protect your Mooresville home or business.

We take great pride in exceeding our customers expectations and we go to great links to ensure your needs are met. I’d also like to mention that our company principles are built on trust, flexibility and keeping an open line of communication with our customers. With a simple hands on approach we truly believe that our team of roofing contractors can give you a true estimate of your roofing needs and find a solution that works for you.


Frisco tree service you need

Frisco tree service specializes in safely removing trees of all sizes from residential and commercial properties. Our expert arborists have the skills and resources to remove largest trees in the area yet are gentle enough to remove and transplant saplings on the same job.

Frisco tree service primarily operates in the area to the Frisco. This area is among the most very heavily developed areas in the country. In this area you’ll find mature oak trees, maple trees and towering pine trees growing amongst clusters of houses. Safely removing these large trees from such tight areas takes special skills that can only be acquired from years of experience.


How do you remove a 100-foot pine tree that hangs over two houses and is wedged between both houses with only 15 feet on each side? Very carefully! Our tree removal service technicians can take down a large tree like this piece-by-piece. We climb, cut and then lower each branch to the ground on ropes and guide each piece to the ground in a slow, methodical manner.

Tree Removal Service Experts

Frisco tree service is now entering its 10th year of providing expert tree removal service to our local community. We take great pride in assisting our customers through every step of the process. During our initial consultation we help our customers make informed decisions regarding the general goal for the trees on their property. Selecting which trees should be kept and which trees should be removed is an important decision and one that deserves careful consideration. It takes decades for a tree to reach maturity and only a few minutes for us to cut it down. We help our customers see the big picture and help them make decisions that they will be happy with in the future.

Martial Arts Bloomington IL

I welcome you to a very unique style of Martial Arts Training. You have chosen a way to enhance your overall well being and have become one of many that are realizing the benefits that a good Martial Arts School can offer you.

We at Martial Arts Bloomington IL take our training very seriously because we see it as a way of life. We only hope that this same enthusiasm can be passed on to you as you begin to study and learn “A Way of Life.”

It must be understood that Martial Arts is not only a physical thing; you must understand that Martial arts training must be a balance of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

MIND:  This is where you store the many things that are taught to you over the years of training.  The mind is a terrible thing to waste, so we must train it with care.

BODY:  This is the physical part of training; the punching, blocking, kicking, throwing, and pressure points.  If you will notice, the mind was the first thing listed because it must be trained first, since the brain controls the body.

SPIRIT:  This is the inner-self where we train the Martial Arts student to have morals, discipline, respect for self and others, and understanding of the legal aspect of our training.

Many years of study under the guidance of great instructors, a strong degree of truth, knowledge, and wisdom, have enabled me to properly lead a student in Martial Arts study.  It has cost me a great deal of time, pain, and money to get to where I am today.  Even though my rates are very reasonable, it still seems somewhat hard for some to afford.  Don’t let the dollar figure stand in the way of your progress.

The training in the Martial Arts is an investment; its an investment into your life.  It’s peace of Mind, training for the Body, and a Way of life.  If you have any questions on prices, please check out the class schedules and prices page.

Zurich Overview from a local

Overview: Synonymous with international banking, Zurich (Zürich, or more familiarly, Züri) has a financial and cultural importance that belies its modest size. Although the largest city in Switzerland, Zurich aptly promotes itself as the “little big city” and has a historic centre compact enough to be explored on foot.

If you travel to Zurich, the city’s most familiar sites are the Fraumünster and Grossmünster minsters, which face each other across the river, while the nearby Lindenhof was the site of a Roman customs post founded in 15BC and is a good vantage point. The city lies at the northern tip of the Zürichsee (Lake Zurich), and lakeside promenades and expensive houses can be seen along both shores. The view in summer is beautiful, with the lake reflecting the mountains and blue sky but winter snowfalls bring a magic of their own.

His motto “pray and work” was to have a profound effect on this diligent city, which, by the nineteenth century, had grown into the commercial and financial centre of Switzerland.

Other riches lie in the city’s excellent universities, and Zurich is a powerhouse for research, with public-private partnerships leading to innovations in design and the high-tech arena.  The city also has a strong cultural presence, over thirty museums, art galleries, auction houses, the opera, orchestras and the Schauspielhaus theatre, as well as a number of performance spaces that encourage contemporary artists in all media.

The citizens enjoy a high standard of living, and this is played out in the many fashionable and enjoyable bars, cafés and restaurants that fill the Old Town. This is, after all, the city that saw the birth of the Dadaism, the antithesis of conformity. More at