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Ballantyne Hair Salons are passionate about learning and strives to stay abreast of the latest education, trends, tips, and techniques on hair by traveling from state to state to various classes and trade shows. It is our goal to create a relationship with each client by keeping each client educated on ways they can work with their stylist outside of the salon to maintain their hair.

Ballantyne Hair Salons welcome various hair services from everyday wear hair, to wedding hair, to editorial hairstyles. Come and experience the Style Studio experience by booking your next appointment online today.


  • Salon Services

    For more than a decade, Style Studio Hair Salon has serviced some of Columbus’ most fashionable women. Book your appointment with one of our beauty experts today.

    Shampoo & Style
    Silk Press $45
    Rod/Roller Style $45
    Updo Style $50
    Style & Cut $65
    Single Process from $30
    Single Process with Highlights from $65
    1/2 Head Highlights $45
    Full Head of Highlights $80
    Gloss $25
    Full Head $125
    1/2 Head $80
    Bonded Full $65
    Per Track $5
    Natural from $35
    Extensions from $50
    Additional to style $10
    Hair Treatments
    Affirm Relaxer from $60
    Design Essentials Texturizer $65
    Care Free Curl$80
    Basic Smoothing Treatment $100
    Additional Treatments
    Deep Conditioning $5
    Hair Mask $15
    Hot Oil $10
    Protein $25
    Reconstructor $20
    Wax $25
    Razor $15
    Strip Lashes $15
    Individual Lashes $20
    Semi-Perminant Lashes from $100

Cheap, versatile and durable cabinets

Any storage cabinet is essential for home, office or industry to store the things in a more organized way. Also they are useful to keep the things safe as some cabinets come with locking facility. Most of the cheap tool storage cabinets are available in durable steel. One such cabinet is cheap tool storage cabinet which serves many purposes

These types of cabinets are found mostly in garages where valuable tool sets and powerful equipment are kept safe and neat. Before shopping one cabinet, decide which type of tool you really need to keep inside. Depending upon the quantity of tools, you can decide on the size of cabinet which has sufficient amount of space to keep your things neatly. The size of the tool do matter lot as smaller cabinets go waste if you can not keep your longer or bigger tool inside it. Measuring the room or garage size where you are planning to keep the tool storage cabinet is essential to decide the size of the cabinet.


As there are many types, sizes, materials and configurations available, anyone can find a cabinet which fits within their budget and need. Wall mountable cabinets are common as it does not occupy much floor space. Tool cabinets which are free standing type are coming with wheels at the bottom for easy mobility. This is an advantage if you wish the cabinet to move around. Instead of scattering the tools around which damages the floor and sometimes get missed out, a tool cabinet on mobile definitely helps you to keep your tools in a safety and proper way without spoiling the floor.

Most of the tool cabinets have multiple narrow drawers to organize different tools in a better way. These drawers are of different sizes, width and sub- partitions to keep different sized tools. Some innovative tool cabinets come with detachable top boxes to take them in handy. You can keep other tools which you use rarely in the bottom cabinet.

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Roofing Contractor Charlotte

The cost of re-roofing your old home or putting a new roof on your new home can depend on, of course, the size of your roof, but also the shape of your roof.  The slope of a roof can greatly affect the cost of re-roofing/roofing in general.  Our Roofing Team is certainly qualified to provide you with the best and most accurate roofing estimates.  Providing the “best” estimates doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest estimates.  You don’t want to repair or completely re-structure your roof only to have to do it again in 5 years.  A re-roofing job should have sufficient longevity to ensure peace of mind for the customer!  We are dedicated, and we have been dedicated, to bringing that same quality of work to your home.

Our Roofing Contractor Charlotte Company has received thousands of calls already this year asking for our free estimate, a special that we offer all year round.  From these thousands of estimates, we have done several thousands of jobs.  We are very proud to say that our team has received some of the best feed back of any of our companies.  In fact, one of the common compliments that we received from our customers was similar to this one we got from Samantha Belshwap, “the final bill was right on target.”  A simple comment, but we think that tells a lot.  We are not going to overcharge and tack on a bunch of extra fees once the job is done, thus cornering you and making you pay out in savings money.  We put all costs right up front so you are well aware of the budget long before we begin the job.  Everything from hourly labor, to materials, to engineering costs, to structural supporting costs—they are all right there on your estimate.  Because of this, sometimes our estimates appear a little higher than other companies, but in the end, we are often the company that lands the cheapest prices because of our upfront honesty.


A Creative Swimming Pool Design Will Enhance Your Backyard Landscape

A swimming pool is likely to be the focal point of your backyard. So you will want to choose a design that complements your landscape. The right custom designed swimming pool can make the difference between a pleasant backyard and a spectacular dreamscape.


What Do You Want In Your Swimming Pool Design?
The most important factor when selecting a swimming pool design is how you intend to use your pool. Do you plan to entertain a lot? Will it be used for swimming laps? Is it’s most important purpose as a design element? To create your own unique paradise the design should be a reflection of your personal preferences and inspiration. A swimming pool designer will work with your ideas and desires to create a computer generated image of your unique swimming pool.

Integrate Your Swimming Pool Design With Your Backyard Landscaping
The best custom swimming pool design will create or enhance the theme of your landscape. The designer’s first step is to survey the property to determine the space available for the pool. Next, a shape can be selected that will utilize that particular space most effectively. The swimming pool design should be customized for that specific space. Each landscape will lend itself to certain design possibilities. This will likely lead to a pleasing organic shape that blends into the yard but could just as easily be most any shape that pleases you.

There Are Many Options to Choose With A Custom Pool Design
The design should include room for entertaining around the plunge pool. Your backyard poolscape will be an ideal place for gathering with friends and family. This may be a deck or patio with room for tables, chairs and loungers. You may even want to incorporate a bar and barbecue grill or even an entire outdoor kitchen. This space, its surface material and color should complement your landscape theme. You could choose natural or synthetic wood decking, stone or tile.

There are so many features you can include in the pool itself to enhance its aesthetic appeal and utility. Entry pools, stone waterfalls, spas, lap pools, islands, dramatic steps, seats and vanishing edges just to name a few. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and budget. All of the elements should blend into a cohesive design style.

Choose an Experienced Designer and Contractor
You are not building a plain vanilla pool. Because you are creating an extraordinary custom swimming pool you need professionals with extensive experience to guide you and perform quality construction. You will need to select skilled professionals with excellent reputations and qualifications to perform this custom job.

A personalized unique pool design can be a work of art that adds style and charm to your home. Custom pools are becoming more and more popular as homeowners realize a great swimming pool design can provide a vacation paradise in their own yard.

Affordable Medical Bracelets For Women

As people’s healthy consciousness is continuously improved, more and more people are aware of the significance of medical bracelets. As healthcare personnel wish, nearly all the people have one or more medical bracelets. In general, if you are hurt and unable to tell the condition to others, the medical bracelets can help a lot. Moreover, for rescuers, when they receive a patient, they tend to search for the medical alert bracelets at the first time rather than inquire about condition.

With the various styles, It seems that they have been led the trend of bracelet fashion and become an important part of American pop culture. Women even treat them as accessory to go with clothing. In contrast with the normal bracelets, Cheap Medical Bracelets For Women are added extra metal pieces that are inscribed owners’ basic condition and a medical emergency symbol while maintaining the original styles of normal bracelets. What’s more, there are a few decorations attaching to the medical bracelets. For instance, add a watch to the brand, it can replace the watch.


In general, there are three main styles of these bracelets including chains, bangles and hand straps. The chains and bangles are normally made of stainless steel, so as to maintain the luster for a long time. The hand straps are made of leather or colorful rope. As a rule, for the chains and hand straps, you can adjust the width as you need. On the contrary, the bangles are not adjustable. In addition, the medical bracelets which are made of gold or platinum also occupy a certain gold market share. Of course, these bracelets must be expensive. If you have a low budget and only care about the styles, the normal one is more suitable.

As a type of accessories, the cheap medical bracelets sell like hot cakes because of the low price. You can search for them at the stores or purchase them online. Whichever you choose, it is enjoyable to owning a novel accessory.