Roofing Contractor Charlotte

The cost of re-roofing your old home or putting a new roof on your new home can depend on, of course, the size of your roof, but also the shape of your roof.  The slope of a roof can greatly affect the cost of re-roofing/roofing in general.  Our Roofing Team is certainly qualified to provide you with the best and most accurate roofing estimates.  Providing the “best” estimates doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest estimates.  You don’t want to repair or completely re-structure your roof only to have to do it again in 5 years.  A re-roofing job should have sufficient longevity to ensure peace of mind for the customer!  We are dedicated, and we have been dedicated, to bringing that same quality of work to your home.

Our Roofing Contractor Charlotte Company has received thousands of calls already this year asking for our free estimate, a special that we offer all year round.  From these thousands of estimates, we have done several thousands of jobs.  We are very proud to say that our team has received some of the best feed back of any of our companies.  In fact, one of the common compliments that we received from our customers was similar to this one we got from Samantha Belshwap, “the final bill was right on target.”  A simple comment, but we think that tells a lot.  We are not going to overcharge and tack on a bunch of extra fees once the job is done, thus cornering you and making you pay out in savings money.  We put all costs right up front so you are well aware of the budget long before we begin the job.  Everything from hourly labor, to materials, to engineering costs, to structural supporting costs—they are all right there on your estimate.  Because of this, sometimes our estimates appear a little higher than other companies, but in the end, we are often the company that lands the cheapest prices because of our upfront honesty.


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