Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing

As we all know Google is acting funny (please see an example of bad search results from Google in the mid section of this page). No one really knows why and how long it will last (I mean unstable and search results are not very satisfactory as most people have noticed).

There might be several reasons and here are my five assumptions. I have to emphasize that these are only assumptions. This analysis might not sound very compassionate to Google and I am truly sorry for it. I never intended that way. If it sounds mean, I only hope the power of the logic does overcome the lack of compassion.

1) It is now taking Google a long, longer time to get stable (or will it ever?) because:

a) too many websites are added.
b) Google math or their computers are not sufficiently strong enough to handle the additions (highly unlikely).
c) there might even be experimentation going on with new filters …self adapting filters? complex mathematical???
d) Google is trying to eliminate the duplicate pages, duplicate backlinks, spammers,… . (this is very, very, very, highly likely). As to the justification for this, my opinion differs a bit from Google.

If Coca Cola advertises in every movie theater or before every movie, we call it advertising, however, if a website places an ad (a link) in some websites or as many websites as they can, Google calls it spamming. Since my background is in marketing and advertising, I tend to agree with Coca Cola and not with Google. Sorry Google! Google should let free markets play itself and not stop it. Does spamming (as Google calls it and “link advertising” as I call it) effect bad search results? Yes, it might, however, if a webmaster is so much determined to be recognized, somehow, I feel they will do their best to present a good quality website. So, I believe it is highly unlikely the search results will be bad. Let’s put it this way; if Coca Cola has all the money and power to place their ad before every movie, then Coca Cola better taste good. And, it does. This is one of the main principles of free markets. As we all know, some websites (Real Estate) which were spamming have been completely eliminated from Google. I believe it is highly unlikely that these websites were low quality. The fact that they were spamming (I call it “link advertising”) does not make them automatically low quality websites. Google needs to think twice about this.


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