What kinds of things can fillers help with?

Unlike Botox, which can be used in a medical capacity, dermal filler injections are primarily used in the face area to get rid of lines and wrinkles that make this skin appear aged; let’s take a look at some of the common areas and also laser skin & vein clinic lip fillers can also be very effective;

Frown lines – as time passes, the collagen layers under the epidermis can no longer retain moisture as efficiently, which means that the skin dries out and deep frown lines may form where it has been pulled into facial expressions over and over again. This type of problem is not restricted to the older generation though; younger people who have particularly stressful jobs or have just inherited bad genes in this respect can develop noticeable furrows along the brow line and between the eyebrows. Dermal fillers are useful in this sort of situation because they don’t just pull the skin taut over the muscles, they fill the wrinkles to make the forehead appear smooth and moisturised.

Nasolabial folds – everyone has facial lines that run from the edges of the nostril to the corners of the mouth, this is perfectly normal; however, they can become more pronounced with age and particularly obvious if the skin of the cheeks has succumbed to gravity. These lines are often referred to as ‘smile lines’ but they don’t always give the patient much to smile about.

Sunken cheeks – it is virtually impossible to fight the signs of ageing on a day-to-day basis – no one can turn back time – but things like sunken cheeks or loose skin around the jawline can really age a person beyond their years, which is not something a lot of people would like to live with permanently. In years gone by, the only way to treat this problem would be to perform a facelift and pull the skin tight across facial bones; these days, dermal fillers can simply add volume to sunken areas and keep the skin moisturised without that ‘pulled tight’ expression that a lot of surgery patients end up with.

Crow’s feet – this is perhaps the most common area for treatment because faint lines beside the eyes can quickly develop into noticeable crow’s feet over time; dehydration is a primary factor with this kind of problem and it is often more common with people who smoke or spend a lot of time in the sun. A very small amount of filler would be needed to correct wrinkles around the eyes and it is important to be careful in this area because the skin is quite delicate.



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