Which Games Can You Play With This Graphics Card?

You can play several games with the ASUS GTX 660 Ti Series Graphics Card. In fact, there’s no modern game that has not been played with a frame rate of at least 60 frames per second with this powerful graphics card. And each game has been tested with all settings at the maximum. For example, well loved games such as World of Warcraft, Assassins Creed, Battlefield 3, GTA IV, Tomb Raider, Diablo 3, are among the games that have been played with exciting results.


Minimum PC Specifications

Your computer’s specifications will always have an affect the performance of any video graphics card you buy. In particular, the motherboard and processor must be powerful enough to transfer data at very high speed to and from the graphics card. That is why your gaming rig should at least have a CPU running at 3.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 650w power supply unit and HDMI 1080 pixel monitor.


* It can be installed within 15 minutes and all desired settings can be adjusted with the GPU Tweak application.

* The graphics card has excellent performance with 4x anti-aliasing.

* It performs better than the other brands of 660 Ti graphics cards.

* It has an outstanding cooling system even when it is over-clocked.

* The Nvidia drivers that come with this card are very stable.

* It operates very quietly even under the maximum load.


* The default fan cooling rate is rather low. But this can be easily adjusted using the utility software for more aggressive cooling.

This graphics card is an excellent product. It offers very good value for your money and it displays all modern games at the maximum settings with very satisfactory results. If you want a very good PC video graphics card at a relatively low price you should buy the ASUS GTX 660 Ti Graphics Card.

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